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Why employees
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We believe in people with ambition. Our organisation works hard to retain competent, motivated employees. We now employ more than 130 people. We have examined why they chose us:

Relevant industry

The energy sector is evolving, which presents certain challenges to us as an energy supplier, our customers and our employees. However, these are positive challenges. We work for big brands and companies: no two days are ever the same. You contribute to the necessary energy transition. Sufficient diversity

Short lines of communication

The big company we are today still has the character of the family business we once were. Our employees are given a lot of responsibility, and good results are noticed and appreciated. Your direct colleagues, other departments and particularly management will always be there to offer you guidance and encouragement.


Job satisfaction is important. We therefore organise activities and outings all year round. We arrange sports activities, go on fun trips, cap off each Friday with a happy hour, and regularly go out on the town until the early hours of the morning. An animated game of table tennis or table football is also possible at our office.

Personal development

Whether you have just graduated or have years of experience, we give our employees the opportunity to develop at the personal and professional level. We want to contribute to your career. You will receive a great deal of responsibility and freedom in your job, with plenty of opportunities for growth, and you will be able to participate in training programmes and take courses in your field of expertise.

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Listen to our

You're surely interested to hear what our employees think. They are happy to share what they like about their job and our organisation.

colleague name
Sherelynn Reijnen Digital Marketeer

My work is never the same and very diverse. My daily tasks are writing (creative) content, designing, concept development, and implementing marketing projects. In addition, me and my direct colleagues are the communication point for everything related to marketing.

colleague name
Ivo van Zon Software Developer

In recent years my career has been dominated by web. In the past months I have decided to broaden my horizons and I switched from Webdeveloper to the Software Developer position. The projects that I carry out are for both internal and external use.

colleague name
Marnick Jacobs Account Manager

The great thing about my job is the variety of conversations I experience. Every conversation partner is different, which makes it super challenging every day. I am responsible for the entire sales process, from the very first introduction to after-sales. This way you really build a relationship with your customer, which ensures that I get a lot of satisfaction from my work. The atmosphere among colleagues is great and everyone is very supportive. The company outings are truly legendary and never disappoint!

colleague name
Tim van Eijk Account Manager MKB

The best thing about my job is the diversity of the work. For example, there is a lot of variation between agreements with customers and solving energy issues (such as solar panels or obligations). In addition, I like the social aspect of working with people (customers and colleagues).

colleague name
Dirk Cortooms Teamleader Contract Management

The Sales Support and Contracting departments guarantee timely, complete and correct processing of sales documents. We know the specifications and details of every customer!

colleague name
Vincent Verhaege Sales Manager Belgium

At Scholt Energy, employees are given the freedom to develop themselves and to guide customers in the energy market in a personal way.

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Our offices are located in Valkenswaard (Netherlands), Waregem (Belgium), Ratingen (Germany) and Stuttgart (Germany). Every office has all the facilities to create a pleasant atmosphere and workplace.

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